HOMEGROWN: City Divide

Catching up with an old friend and one of the best bass players I have ever had the chance to play with on the good ole days and his project, City Divide.

When did you form?

Oof…. I think it’s been almost 5 years, so 2017 sounds about right.

How did you meet?

Networking. Between the internet and friendships over the years, we came together. A bit of the old school “word of mouth” and “chance” brought a few of us together.

Where are you based out of?

Lockport. Local for most of us at this moment. Actually, it’s how the band name came about as well. (Forshadowing?)

What previous bands have you worked in?

Well, in high school I was in a band with my step brother and his buddy. We just did a few start out jams and some covers. The Our Darkest Days times (you can tell by the name). Then there was God’s Creatures where I played a little bass in for a short stint. And then there was this other band…. Kennedy Carpool I think was the name? Wait a minute…. didn’t you used to be the drummer there? Haha Love you and miss playing with you buddy! Those were the days! 

What inspired your band name?

Oops, already segwayed! Lockport having the split of the Canal kind of inspired the name. I live in “lower town” and it’s always felt a little different. Add in the current times and division across the planet now and it feels relevant.

Major influences?

You…. ha! My father got me into the harder music of his day like Megadeth, Priest, Dream Theater and a handful of others. I eventually got into the NuMetal scene and really dug that sound and since then, Prog, Metal, Hard Rock, Classic, Blues and much much more have influenced me to get better at my craft.

Other influences in your music other than music?

Memories. To be honest, the old days when I was in Carpool. Those days of hanging with all of the guys. The brotherhood and friendships that were built. I missed that aspect of music. The music was always great. But the family that was with the band was priceless.

What was your first release?

When I know, you’ll know. Finding the dedication to the project has been tough. But most of us have stuck together and are still working towards that goal. We have tunes, it’s just a matter of getting them 100% completed.

Where is it available?

Eventually, everywhere!

The most challenging part of being a musician?

My gear obsession! Ha! But honestly, the “business” portion of coordinating schedules, sessions, recording. Also finding dedicated members and getting everyone up to speed.

The most rewarding part?

The friendships and being able to collaborate with like minded people to make music that WE love. While having a following would be outstanding, it’s our music and our emotions. It’s about us and if everyone loves it, that’s a bonus!

Do you have any favorite local musicians past or present?

You! And I miss Johnny (John Ben) and Kyle (Daunce). I miss the scene in general from back then. So many good shows and bands/musicians. And I can’t forgot Jorge Cardona, dude was always a blast to watch and hang out and talk with.

Do you have advice for new musicians?

If it’s your passion that drives you to make what you make, never give it up. Music is your therapy and may also be someone else’s!

What is your latest release?

In the process of recording what we can in the catalog. Know any vocalists to finish these songs with us? Ha!

Where is it available?

Soon to be everywhere!

What is your favorite Metallica album?

Killing is My Business… and Business is Good!

Peace Sells… but Who’s Buying?

So Far, So Good… So What?

Rust In Peace 

Countdown to Extinction 


Cryptic Writings


The World Need A Hero

The System Has Failed

United Abominations



Super Collider


The Sick, The Dying… and The Dead (soon to be released)

… did I mention I’m not a fan of Metallica? Ha!

Parting words/shoutouts?

Shoutout to you for always being a stand up dude! And to some of the former members of Carpool for being the way they were with me (even though I was “Newstedded” for the entirety of the band). 

As far as the people who will read this, music for me is life. Without it, the hardest times in my life could have been much worse. Do what you love and give it your all. Nothing you do with music can ever be wrong.

Thanks for the time Dooley!

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