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Very rarely does this website ever get read let alone by royalty but kids, dreams do come true. The ruler of the opulent kingdom of Fabuland had her royal guard come fetch me from my smokey, gin soaked corner office in BuffaloRetro headquarters one Friday afternoon. Bursting in without a word they quickly escorted me up the fire escape stairs to the Helipad on the roof of the building (“this building has a helipad?”) I was greeted by the sight of a gigantic Duck shaped Helicopter. Instantly recognizing the signature style of an old friend and realizing it’s not the FSB for the boatloads of shit I talk about Putin, I relaxed. I was going to go visit a woman I owe a lot to. One person that not only took me on to write video games on her own much more successful website but also someone that encouraged me to be unapologetically myself at a time when I doubted myself the most. Without further ado, enjoy a brief look into the mind of someone who I find has a creativity that is simply unmatched. Someone I hold dearly and my favorite Dutchie of all time (even though I love you all). The Pokémon Princess, Yuni D’uque!

Twitch handle:
Hi there I am Yuni D’uque or on Twitch spelled Yuni_Duque! The Pokémon Princess, The Hikikomori Hime and most of all the rightful ruler of Fabuland and guardian of the magical crystal of A’I!


I am the one and only Princess of Fabuland! That is my very own nation I took from some video game chippy! My Consciousness is Dutch though! But our streaming language is the queen’s english! So I eat chippies instead of fries and Colour is spelled with a U!

Preferred System(s):

I am not a one System kinda person! I mix that personal computer thing with any Nintendo System ever. Currently I am really enjoying N64 and gamecube games! But I also play SNES , NES , Switch and of course PC!
Often a lot of Rom Hacks too! So I even blur the lines!

Current games streaming?

I am currently enjoying some Ark: Survival Evolved Streams on Saturday and Playing Nexomon on Sundays! I love those games! Tuesdays are reserved for shorter playthroughs! Like Star Fox Adventure currently! Wednesdays are meant for Rom Hacks or Fan Games, like Waluigi’s Taco Stand!
On Thursdays I Shiny Hunt in Pokémon Rejuvenation OR play Crane Games in Japan!

When did your streaming journey begin?

When does a Journey truly begin! I first dreamt of this even before I used to be a blogger! Around the time Kizuna AI first popped up! The concept for the character .. that would later become Pinky and then Evolve into Yuni came to life in February 2018! However my first stream happened on August 6th.

Do you have a type of genre of game you prefer to stream?

I play a lot of collectable creature games, lots of Platformers and lots of RPG’s! Coloruful games.. but I’ll play pretty much anything that has a treasure chest for me to open! I’d say I more so go for a vibe rather than a genre?!

Do you have a schedule?

Usually I do! Though these are just rough guide lines! Wednesdays aren’t always happening, and special things happen! Plus I dabble a lot! If something doesn’t work or isn’t fun for me to do, the schedule changes!

What was the first game you streamed?

Pokémon 721: A Romhack that puts Pokémon up to Generation 6 (Kalos) into the original Red and Blue games! Including the old Art style and broken Mechanics! A Screenshot is included above. The second game I ever streamed was ToonStruck! .. I just mentioned it because no one ever mentions second games and ToonStruck deserves some love! It is a fun point and click adventure!

Do you have other streaming partners?

That depends on what you mean by that! I alone own my channel! But I play Ark with my faithful mod and Simp: The Holy Mailman every Saturday! Plus something “big” is coming soon! But I can’t talk about that yet!

What is the most outlandish thing that has happened to you while streaming or while you were watching someone stream?

I can think of two stories!. For one of those you’ll have to follow me and ask on my stream!.. Big Brain Princess move there!

But first of all being a Transgender creator I am very lucky to not really have received that much hate! With hate Raids being a thing and all I have been very lucky! Some people tried to but my Moderators stopped it quickly!

My story here might seem to contradict what I just said but it starts with someone coming into my stream and talking to me very interested and respectful for almost 30 minutes, asking about struggles as a Trans Creator and genuinely being supportive… but at one point he says “Are you Chris-Chan” and I said no! He apologizes saying he is in the wrong stream then! Ending with Futa for Life! I guess all of us Trans Women are Chris-Chan now!

What is your ideal Twitch community?

The ideal Twitch community would feature Mr Beast, Elon Musk and Bill Gates all having a simp off against one another to earn my favor! Tossing enough money at me to set me up for life!

I know that sounds selfish and silly, but hey I am a princess! I deserve nice things! I will not lie about wanting to one day make some bank of it! Now what I really WANT for a community is a bit different!

What do you like to see in your Twitch community?

What I want most in my Twitch community is being accepted the way I am, allowing me to do my thing and showing them the world from my point of view, playing the games I like!  

I hate those guys that keep asking “Do you Play Roblox” or “Please play FNAF”  .. Like there are a million creators LITERALLY .. doing that kind of stuff!  That’s not who I am or who I will ever be!  I show you a side of gaming you might not have heard of or have forgotten! I want a community that is in for that ride!  And for the most part, that is what I am getting!

What are some things Twitch needs to address?

There is a lot to be said about Twitch! Let’s just pile it up and say that Twitch could do better protecting smaller and mostly LGBTQ streamers! There is a lot of room for Improvement.. and in all honesty,I do see myself migrating at one point. However its competitor isn’t all that stellar either, unless you play with a specific set of rules.. rules I can’t follow at this time! So Twitch will be my home for a good while. I just would like it if I could use my spoofy song without getting clapped by the Twitch gods!

What makes your streams unique?

It is hard to call oneself unique in a market that literally has so many people out there! I am a streamer that is trying to be me… just with the dial turned up every time I grow! My Virtual Self is a real as my flesh self.. and that is a vibe I aim for. We aren’t just who we are.. we are also the person we want to be or would become if all restrictions are down! I am a real princess … just not in the physical plane! I blur the line between my limitations and my dreams into a unique creator space.. by doing the same old stuff others have done before me! But hey I have a super cool anime intro!

What would you tell a brand new streamer or wish that someone told you when you were first starting out?

A wise Alpaca once said to me, and yes I mean wise Alpaca unironically, be your own favorite creator! This is true! Don’t be the next Bao-Chan! Don’t mimic Ludwig, don’t try to be the so maniest Beard Bro! If you idolize another creator and aspire to be them, you will grow crooked and you will burn out!

You have to stream for YOU! Not for Mr Beast’s audience which you desire so much, not for your own Audience , cause you won’t have any to start with.. for you! Don’t mind your numbers.. don’t assume Pewdiepie Streamers will watch you cause you are called CUTIEPIE and shout out that name…or because you are a slightly racist bumhole.  You won’t know your audience for a good while.. so STREAM FOR YOU! Have a reason to stream even with 0 viewers, or for a 100.. it’s all the same, only after you have established that can start streaming more for your audience!

So Decrees the Princess!….At gunpoint!

What is rewarding about streaming?

Everything and Nothing!
There will be days where you feel it is all for naught! There will be days you press that start stream button with a brick in your stomach because you know it will be a quiet day again… people outgrow you just because they said UwU on Twitch……

Yet then there is everything else. The moment when you have pressed that button to start a stream and you can be that version of yourself that has the you dial turned up to ten!  The people that start playing a game because they see how much you love it, the fan art, the amazing kindness through donations or just people willing to sacrifice their evening off to spend time with you! It is truly a magical experience that you can’t get anywhere else!

Parting words/ shout outs?

UwU I like to make fwiends cause Pwincess too small to reach the oven to make her Nuggies UwU! She need many simps and fwiends to help her pay for nuggies and help her reach oven! UwU

Just Kidding! I wanna say thank you for this amazing opportunity to show myself off! Thank you to all the future Pleasants if any Retro of Creature game loving Reader would feel that call!

Besides being a cool vtuber at:

I am also a cool Twitter Princess at:!

Other than that I do hope you give our hosts LOTS of likes on his post!  And to everyone reading this I wish you all a PLEASANT day! And when you go to bed….


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