Sports talk: Reviewing Starting Quarterbacks since the millennium

Every Quarterback that has started a game for the Cardinals since the year 2000

Some days I wake up and I don’t feel like getting out of bed. I mope around most of the day listening to introspective adult contemporary, staring out the window longingly as the rain trickles down the sill.

And then some days I hop out of bed, put on Pantera and conquer the day and all that other macho bullshit and I guess today is one of those days.

So with my fantasy football leagues weighing heavy on my mind (reigning champion in one) and preseason football just around the corner I decided hell, why not write about something I love. American Football. More specifically, the Quarterback position of Football.

In most offensive systems on the professional level, Quarterbacks are placed in a unique position. They are the de facto leader of the team and generally considered to be the captain of the offense. They have the responsibility of reading defenses, making adjustments and warning their fellow players of what to expect. The very best at the position act as though they have a bird’s eye perspective on the field anticipating every player’s defensive strategy before the play begins. The worst at their position go down in a flames.

Today we will be focusing on the Arizona Cardinals and while this is by no means a comprehensive or complete list it will, however feature any Quarterback that has started a regular season game from the 2000 season forward … so even Cards fans may find a few players they forgot about.

Division: NFC West

Record since 2000: 151-185

Head Coaches Since 2000:

Dave McGinnis (2000-2003) 17-40

Dennis Green (2003-2006) 16-32

Ken Whisenhunt (2007-2012) 45-51 (**)

Bruce Arians (2013-2017) 49-30 (** w/ Tampa)

Steve Wilks (2018) 3-13

Kliff Kingsbury (2019-) 24-24


** = Super Bowl Appearance

1st = 1st Round Draft Pick

1stOVR = 1st Overall Draft Pick

++ = Franchise

RH = Record Holder

MVP = Most Valuable Player Award Winner

Quarterbacks Who Have Started Since 2000:

Name: Jake Plummer

Means Acquired: Round 2 pick (1997)

Role: Starter

Stat line: 29,253 Yards 161-161 TD/INT 74.6 Rating

Teams played for:

Arizona Cardinals (97-03)

Denver Broncos (03-06)

Name: David Brown (1STOVR)

Means Acquired: Free Agency Signing

Roles: Back up

Stat Line: 10,248 Yards 44-58 TD/INT 67.9 Rating

Teams Played For:

New York Giants (1992-1997) (Draft 1st Overall)

Arizona Cardinals (1998-2001)

Name: Jeff Blake

Means Acquired: Free Agency

Roles: Journeyman Starter (2003)

Stat Line: 21,711 Yards 134-99 TD/INT 78.0 Rating

Teams Played For:

New York Jets (1992-1993) (6th Round pick)

Cincinnati Bengals (1994-1999)

New Orleans Saints (2000-2001)

Baltimore Ravens (2002)

Arizona Cardinals (2003)

Philadelphia Eagles (2004)

Chicago Bears (2005)

Name: Josh McCown

Means Acquired: Drafted Cardinals 3rd Round (2002)

Roles: Starter (Cardinals) / Journeyman later

Stat Line: 17,731 Yards 98-82 TD/INT 79.7 Rating

Teams Played For:

Arizona Cardinals (2002-2005)

Detroit Lions (2006)

Oakland Raiders (2007)

Carolina Panthers (2008-2009)

Chicago Bears (2011-2013)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2014)

Cleveland Browns (2015-2016)

New York Jets (2017-2018)

Philadelphia Eagles (2019-2020)

Houston Texans (2020)

Name: John Navarre

Means Acquired: Drafted by Cardinals (7th rd in 2004)

Roles: Depth

Stat line: 342 Yards 2-5 TD/INT 43.9 Rating

Teams Played For:

Arizona Cardinals (2004-2006)

Name: Shaun King (** w/ Tampa)

Means Acquired: Free Agency

Roles: Back up

Stat line: 4,566 Yards 27-24 TD/INT 73.4 Rating

Teams Played For:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1999-2003) (2nd Round Buccaneers in 1999)

Arizona Cardinals (2004)

Name: Kurt Warner (** w/Rams&Cards/MVP 2x)

Means Acquired: Free Agency

Roles: Franchise/Starter/Mentor

Stat line: 32,344 Yards 208-108 TD/INT 93.7 Rating

Teams Played For:

St. Louis Rams (1998-2003) (UNDRAFTED)

New York Giants (2004)

Arizona Cardinals (2005-2009)

Two time NFL MVP – Warner is the only quarterback in NFL history to go undrafted and lead his team to a Super Bowl. He was the second fastest player to ever break 20,000 Yards (only behind one game of record holder, hall of fame QB, Dan Marino).

Name: Matt Leinart (1st**w/Cards as backup)

Means Acquired: 1st Rd CARDINALS (2006)

Roles: Back up/ Draft bust

Stat Line: 4065 Yards 15-21 TD/INT 70.2 Rating

Teams Played For:

Arizona Cardinals (2006-2009)

Houston Texans (2010-2011)

Oakland Raiders (2012)

Name: Derek Anderson (**w/Carolina)

Means Acquired: Free Agency

Roles: Starter

Stat Line: 10,878 Yards 60-64 TD/INT 70.4 Rating

Teams Played For:

Baltimore Ravens (2005) Drafted RAVENS rd 6

Cleveland Browns (2005-2009)

Arizona Cardinals (2010)

Carolina Panthers (2011-2017)

Buffalo Bills (2018)

Name: Max Hall

Means Acquired: UNDRAFTED Free Agent

Roles: Back up

Stat line: 370 Yards 1-6 TD/INT 35.7 Rating

Teams Played For:

Arizona Cardinals (2010-2011)

Name: John Skelton

Means Acquired: Drafted Cardinals RD 5

Roles: Depth

Stat line: 3,707 Yards 15-25 TD/INT 63.0 Rating

Teams Played For:

Arizona Cardinals (2010-2012)

San Francisco 49ers (2013)

Tennessee Titans (2013)

Name: Kevin Kolb

Means Acquired: Trade from Philadelphia (2011)

Roles: Starter

Stat Line: 5,206 Yards 28-25 TD/INT 78.9 Rating

Teams Played For:

Philadelphia Eagles (2007-2010) drafted EAGLES rd 2

Arizona Cardinals (2011-2012)

Buffalo Bills (2013)


Name: Brian Hoyer (**w/Patriots)

Means Acquired: Claimed on Waivers from Pittsburgh (2012)

Roles: Journeyman

Stat line: 10,631 Yards 53-35 TD/INT 82.7 Rating

Teams Played For:

New England Patriots (2009-2011) UNDRAFTED

Pittsburgh Steelers (2012)

Arizona Cardinals (2012)

Cleveland Browns (2013-2014)

Houston Texans (2015)

Chicago Bears (2016)

San Francisco 49ers (2017)

New England Patriots (2017-2018)

Indianapolis Colts (2019)

New England Patriots (2020-Present)

Name: Ryan Lindley

Means Acquired: Drafted CARDINALS 6th RD (2012)

Roles: Depth

Stat line: 1,372 Yards 3-11 TD/INT 52.4 Rating

Teams Played For:

Arizona Cardinals (2012-2013)

Arizona Cardinals (2014)

Indianapolis Colts (2015)

Name: Carson Palmer (1stOVR)

Means Acquired: Traded by Oakland Raiders (2013)

Roles: Franchise/Starter/Mentor

Stat line: 46,247 Yards 294-187 TD/INT 87.9 Rating

Teams Played For

Cincinnati Bengals (2003-2010) Drafted 1st OVR

Oakland Raiders (2010-2013)

Arizona Cardinals (2013-2017)

Name: Drew Stanton (**w/ Tampa Bay)

Means Acquired: Free Agency (2013)

Roles: Back up/ Journeyman

Stat line: 4,059 Yards 20-24 TD/INT 66.3 Rating

Teams Played For:

(Drafted 2nd Round by Lions 2007)

Detroit Lions (2007-2011)

Indianapolis Colts (2012)

Arizona Cardinals (2013-2017)

Cleveland Browns (2018-2019)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2020)

Name: Blaine Gabbert (1st)

Means Acquired: Free Agency (2017)

Roles: Depth

Stat line: 9,273 Yards 50-47 TD/INT 72.4 Rating

Teams Played For:

(Drafted 1st rd by Jacksonville Jaguars)

Jacksonville Jaguars (2011-2013)

San Francisco 49ers (2014-2016)

Arizona Cardinals (2017)

Tennessee Titans (2018)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2019-)

Name: Sam Bradford (1stOVR)

Means Acquired: Free Agency (2018)

Roles: Mentor / Back up

Stat line: 19,449 103-61 TD/INT 84.5 Rating

Teams Played For:

(Drafted by St Louis Rams #1 Overall 2010)

St Louis Rams (2010-2014)

Philadelphia Eagles (2015)

Minnesota Vikings (2016-2018)

Arizona Cardinals (2018)

Name: Josh Rosen (1st)

Means Acquired: Drafted Cardinals Rd 1

Roles: Starter

Stat line: 2,864 Yards 12-21 TD/INT 61.1 Rating

Teams Played For:

Arizona Cardinals (2018)

Miami Dolphins (2019)

San Francisco 49ers (2020)

Atlanta Falcons (2021)

Cleveland Browns (2022-)

Name: Colt McCoy

Means Acquired: Free Agency (2021)

Roles: Journeyman / Back up

Stat line: 7,195 Yards 33-29 TD/INT 80.3 Rating

Teams Played For:

(Drafted by Cleveland Browns 3rd RD 2010)

Cleveland Browns (2010-2012)

San Francisco 49ers (2013)

Washington Redskins (2014-2019)

New York Giants (2020)

Arizona Cardinals (2021-)

Name: Kyler Murray (1stOVR)

Means Acquired: Drafted 1st Overall (2019)

Roles: Franchise

Stat line: 11,480 Yards 70-34 TD/INT 93.9 Rating

Looks like Arizona finally got a first round draft pick right with Murray who looks to be the future of the franchise for at-least the next five years as he just signed a whopping 5-Year 2305 Million dollar contract (with 160 million guaranteed) this past week (July 21, 2022) Hopefully it works out for the desert birds who have had their fair share of lackluster Quarterback play with a few bright spots over two decades.

Quick Recap:

Quarterbacks who were 1st Round Draft picks: 7

Quarterbacks on Super Bowl Squads: 6

Total Quarterbacks started since 2000: 21

Arizona Cardinals: 21

Atlanta Falcons: 10

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