An unforgiving light gun rail shooter

I don’t feel congratulated.

Endgame is a light gun game meaning it was developed to be used with the Light Gun peripheral – Essentially in at home Arcade gun:

Unfortunately, that’s not the only thing light about the game. It’s light on story, light on innovation and light on fun.

The story from what little is actually explained seems to follow our protagonist, Jade Cornell who apparently knows a dude named, Tyler who has learned too much about a company called, EuroDream.

EuroDream makes virtual reality games and their recent update is evil or dangerous to everyone or something (pretty much to a tee what Zuckerberg/Facebook/Meta is already working on in real life) so Tyler gives you, Jade Cornell, flame haired vixen a call to say, “hey these guys are sacks of shit – just a heads up. Oh, also there are thirty guys outside your apartment ready to kill you. Oh and one last thing, for no reason whatsoever, I taped a gun to your wall behind your fridge. Bye!”

Endgame just like other popular Light Gun shooters, a la, Time Crisis, is timed. The story line leads you to five different European countries with each level having about five to ten different timed stages. The really difficult part about the game is that as you play it, the time either subtracts or compounds throughout, so you have to be perfect in every passage or a missed five seconds may haunt you in the last boss battle of a level.

Expect to see this a lot.

Chances are the entertainment level is maybe a tiny-baby-size-more with the actual Gun Peripheal (which I refuse to spend $50 on on eBay for) but that still doesn’t save the incredibly dumb, phoned in story, lack of game modes or replay value. Save your $15 and 50 minutes and just buy Time Crisis if you must.

Overall: 61%

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