Shadow Net Series 19: “Devilution” And How It Gets That Way

Around 2008 a bizarre personality and his website emerge set to wage a war of words on both Christianity and Islam.

Charles Darwin once said, “A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” Which now knowing that – I would assume Charles Darwin would probably be pretty disgusted with me considering I’ve wasted WAY MORE than that reading and combing through this next fucking lunatic’s site. But, I did most of the heavy lifting so you, sweet reader, don’t have to. Aw.

Fuckin’ guy can still draw better than me

In 2008 a flurry of comments begin appearing on Blogger sites everywhere. The same message basically over and over. We’ve all seen the long-winded religious nut comments all over the web but this one was a bit more aggressive. This had less of a damned-be-all feel and more of a church-burning-Mayhem-vibe and on top of all that, all of these comments, appearing from seemingly no where, were all written by the same person. The ironically self described, “ManPeace”. We know this because he finished each rant by directing unfortunate readers to his website,

To make one of me all you need is: 1/4 – Jack Daniels 1/4 – X-Files Fan 1/4 – Shit writer and 1/4 Grateful to not die a virgin.

So… ManPeace had a bone to pick with the Pope…and Christianity … AND Islam. Stating that the two major religions were the reason for most of the war and violence that has occurred throughout human history – which… he’s obviously not wrong about. I can get on board with that – religion has caused a fuck ton of war and violence.

BUT – ManPeace didn’t just leave it there. That was never the point. The point was change and visiting his website for his version of the truth was the goal. But upon visiting it becomes a lot more of a violent, disturbing manifesto than a peaceful answer to the senseless violence caused by the two different faiths.

Covering a range of topics from The Pope teaming up with Hitler, communist babies, nuclear martyrs, capitalist overloads and just about every other combination of bad things you can think of there is no shortage of piss and vinegar on this one.

The desperate scribbling of a confused and angry person. Like the classic doomsday priest in the movies shouting it’s the end of the world convinced of their own truths. There is no doubt in my mind that at the time it felt like the end of the world to ManPeace. The desperation and urgency is authentic enough.

As of this writing is down or at the very least inaccessible to the general public. All of these screen shots were grabbed from the internet archives. I did send a message to the email address listed on the site to attempt to get in touch with ManPeace but sadly never received a reply. Interestingly enough in my search I did find his linked in page – which lists him as the owner of Although, it looks like his profile has been untouched for quite some time… maybe he found a job, leading a normal life, working in the cubicle next to yours.

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