Shadow Net Series 20: Humanity’s Greatest Achievement?

If the classiest corndog on Earth designed a webpage it would probably look like this.

Using an endless darkness as a backdrop to one of the least controversial web pages of all time, delivers everything a corndog lover could ask for.

Just one perfectly baked corndog – it’s cornbread skin a honey brown, slightly crisp on the outside but warm, buttery and delicious on the inside. This Pronto Pup lies in wait next to another also masterfully cooked dog of the corn. Both posed on a smooth, clean slate grey designer dish. Using maybe a spicy or Dijon mustard as a cherry on top – the tasteful accent. The perfect kiss goodnight.

To even think of eating in a situation like this is sacrilege. To dare molest this work of art with body or mind is a pure unadulterated destruction of excellence.

Worship and Tribute began gracing the web with its presence around 2011 but if you were to ask me, I would say that only in 2011 were we as humans finally capable to understand such exquisite food pornography. A gift eons in the making, it would take over 200,000 years of evolution for humanity to finally reach its zenith and that apex can only be witnessed at

To suggest that this website and image is older than the internet itself is almost obvious. The more I stare at it the more I’m beginning to believe that perfection like this may even predate the work of Da Vinci.

Are these the two original corn dogs? Did they birth all of the corn dogs in the world? Adam and Eve on sticks?

Dear reader – we may never know.

To visit humanity’s greatest achievement yourself – please visit:

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