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Shadow Net Series 21: The Best Dinosaur? claims inaccurately that the Stegosaurus was indeed the best dinosaur.

Firstly, I must admit that this simple web page is a bit low hanging fruit. Even for this blog, which thrives splashing around in the muddy waters of non-journalistic integrity and self servitude.

I mean, really the only two prerequisites for blogging is an ego and a keyboard.

And a certain level of vitriol for a hundred and fifty million year old dinosaur.

Sure it’s cute but the best??

In case you’re already starting to put this together? Yes, this is a hit piece on the Stegosaurus. So if you’re a Stegosaurus sympathizer ya might as well X outta here now.

But asked for this. It is literally the image above and the proclamation of best dinosaur ever. It’s bold, I’ll give it that but I can’t just let it go.

For back up I turned to my best friend, John who doesn’t know shit about dinosaurs but really likes the Jurassic Park movies. Here is the exchange:

See? Settled right then and there. Dinosaur lovers hate the Stegosaurus

Was that not enough to convince you that website is full of outrageous lies? No? Well let me drop some paleontology on your ass.

I’ll see you in hell, Stegosaurus

Honestly at this rate, the more I read about the Stegosaurus the more I am convinced I could have killed one with my bare hands. Thats a pretty weak ass dinosaur. Fuck the Stegosaurus. I’ll see you next week.

He’s so stupid
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