Shadow Net Series 23: Fish Yu Mang

Have you ever just wanted to haul off and just slap the shit out of some dude with an eel? Well, if so, consider your day made.

Imagine this. Most days you live a pretty normal life. Even dull at times. Comfortable with your routine. You wake up at the same time, you shower at the same time, you work the same hours, come home and shit at the same time etc etc.

Except one day maybe after a few drinks and a strange afternoon you find yourself in a room with a green screen, a buddy who lost a bet and an eel.

The plan?

Record yourself smacking the piss out of this guy with an eel.

From there?

Like all other dumb ideas, of course. Put it on the internet. exists simply because the universe is a chaotic mess with no real rhyme or reason. As much as it is human nature to try and understand everything going on around us sometimes you just can’t. You just have to let go.

So the next day you find yourself in a funk or maybe some idiot yells something mind boggling dumb at you like, “STOP PERSECUTING INCELS!” or “I LOVE KETCHUP ON STEAK!” and you realize in that moment that Earth is just an awful japolopi you want to jump off of maybe try first.

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