Under The Radar – The Currls

Under The Radar – The Currls

At any given moment there is an unsigned, undiscovered or just plain unappreciated band playing to an empty room, making DIY merchandise, driving across state lines to their next show hoping their three hundred year old van doesn’t overheat again. With late hours, little reward and even less pay the lifestyle of a musician can be a grueling exercise. Yet time and time again the drive to create takes over and many musicians find themselves working to perfect their craft yet again despite all the odds. Under The Radar aims to recognize these artists and musicians from all around the world and shine a light on their motives, accomplishments and future plans.

For the very first entry of, Under The Radar we find ourselves near San Jose, California where artists, musicians and cool vibes seem to grow on trees. The Currls make this apparently clear on their debut, three song, self-titled EP. It almost immediately struck me as smart pop like Rooney or Phantom Planet, with a cooler Strokes type confidence, vocally and a splash of Cali-Surf. It clocks in at just over nine minutes and it’s absolutely worth checking out. After listening to the EP and finding it fresh as fuck, I got an opportunity to ask bassist, Dominus “Dom” Bracara some questions about himself and the band. I hope you enjoy it and please, take the time to check out The Currls. (links and socials at the end of the article.)

Do it and don’t forget why you started!

The Currls advice for new musicians

Dominus (Dom) Bracara bassist/back up vocals for The Currls

Where are you from?

I’m from the east bay the beginning of my life in San Leandro and most of it in Livermore. I just recently moved to San Jose and loving the scene, the people, and the city.

When did you form?

We formed in the beginning of 2019 me and Ceaser had been cooking up the idea of starting our own band for a minute while in a previous band and when that band fell apart The Currls were born.

What previous bands or artists have you worked in/with?

I’ve worked with Standoff, People Who Stare, Snakehead, Johnny Pickets band, Lovoe, Gilo, ect. Love them all to death, great people and musicians.

What inspired your band/artist name?

Me and ceaser both had curly hair so we wanted to emphasize that, for some reason, so I remember we were rolling with the idea of the boof brothers but then we learned about what boofing is … so Ceaser came up with The Currls. I thought that was a dope name so we rolled with it.

Major influences?

Man when it comes to big musicians the list is endless. There are so many amazing musicians out there but the most influential musicians have to be all the people I met, rocked with on stage, or jammed out with in a studio.

Other influences in your music other than music?

Me and ceaser got close when we both played in Standoff but that amplified when we started this journey as The Currls. Our formed brotherhood definitely inspires our music from love and pain and everything in-between.

What was your first release?

My first release [personally being on the track] was, “We Won’t Get Along” by Standoff but as The Currls we were FINALLY able to release our 1st EP in early August [2022].

Where was it recorded?

We recorded with this PHENOMENAL musician and sound engineer, Miguel Munoz (@miggleez on Instagram) He’s incredible to work with and definitely was able to add a creative input into songs.

Where is it available?

It’s available on Spotify and Apple music we’re working on making it even more available to everyone!

What would you say is the most challenging part of being a musician?

For me? It’s finding time. I get home from work and man, am I tired but I have chores I have to do and sometimes even more work that needs to get done.

The most rewarding part?

Just doing it! Playing music in itself is rewarding. 

Do you have any favorite local musicians past or present?

Infinite Sleep, Dolores, Valley Zeros, until further notice, them creatures, The Millard’s, Dylans, the list goes on!

Do you have advice for new musicians?

Do it and don’t forget why you started!

What is your latest release?

The Currls ep 

Where is it available?

Spotify and apple music for now looking to put it on youtube soon

What is your top five favorite albums?

Not in any particular order 

God Luck and Good Speed- Weedeater

About to Crack- Vitamin X

10,000 days- Tool 

Lateralus- Tool 

Smokestack Frightening- Death Hymn Number 9

Parting words/shoutouts?

Yes! Miguel Munoz(@miggleez) for recording and mixing the currls ep not only was it fun it was very informative. As well as, The Good Times Tavern for letting us put our stickers up, letting us sign the bass, and throw a show. Hope from Polomoni’s for always asking us to play. Last but not least, Pennyweight Craft Brewery because they are always throwing shows and brewing tasty stuff.

(Photos taken by: George Eliopoulos)

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