Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Agent 47’s console debut became an instant classic despite its exercise in character regression.

The Hitman series originally began on PC where the first installment, Hitman: Codename Agent 47 was a minor hit among gamers. But it’s sequel, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin would make the biggest splash of the original games (Pre 2016 reboot).

To understand the plot we should briefly go over what transpired in the original game. Basically long story short, you awaken in a lab, some random guy over a loudspeaker barks some orders at you and it turns out that you are a trained killer. Not only that but a genetically modified trained killer. Also there are hundreds of you. A whole army of badass bald guys which you have to kill. Oh and you kill your dad, it’s a whole thing.

Father Vittorio

With that said, Agent 47 gives up his life as a killer and decides planting trees at a Monastery in Sicily is more rewarding. He is taken under the protective wing of a priest, Father Vittorio. For some reason some Sicilian mafioso think it’s a good idea to kidnap the good Padre on behalf of some Russian dick. Agent 47 decides to come out of retirement and work for the ICA (International Contract Agency) again in exchange for information on the whereabouts of Vittorio.

Agent 47 Not Your Type? Here Are Some Other badass baldies:


Charles Barkley

Sinead O’ Conner

My best friend, Kyle

Jason Statham

That’s it, that’s all of them.

The plot is sort of stupid but it works and the action picks up right away. In contrary to the first game, Silent Assassin puts an even further emphasis on open ended gameplay. While always suggesting stealth as the smart and safe option you can literally go in guns blazing and still complete most missions.

Negotiations broke down and I had to murder all of Sicily

The object of each mission is to finish with the highest grade possible. You are graded on several different factors: Stealth, close encounters, how many guards you incapacitate or kill and how many civilians get caught up in the violence. There are several tanks inbetween Silent Assassin (perfect) and Psychopath (obviously not perfect.)

Each level of the game offers multiple ways to execute a hit. Some simple and some extremely intricate. The replay value is through the roof as not only can you find new ways to take out your target but you collect guns from each level changing your approach for past levels.

Controls are quick and smooth, and the graphics look solid for the time. (With the exception of every guard looking identical). The soundtrack is stellar.

The plot consists of 21 mission and they span all over the world. Russia, Malaysia, Afghanistan, and India are some of the. Cool locations you get to visit throughout the game. Each hit always has its own mission briefing and it’s own interesting reason for the kill.

Ultimately Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is a must play for PlayStation 2 owners and an excellent and fun addition to any collection- especially because it’s not typically too expensive… as long as you can get past the fact that nothing actually changes from the games beginning to end aside from a once reformed Agent 47 deciding ya know what? I’m solid at killing people. I’m going to keep doing that. Not exactly profound.

Overall: 87%’

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