Shadow Net Series 29: Happiness And Her Secrets

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When you’re in the bathroom preparing for the day and catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror what do you see? Past the crows feet and grey hairs. Even further, past the ghost of your father’s eyes or the similar smile lines as your mother.

What or who do you see staring back at you? Who or what lives just beneath the surface and more importantly how do they feel? Is there anything there at all? Is there shame? Is there indifference? Or is there happiness?

What is happiness?

I have no fucking idea.

Depending on what school of thought, psychology and/or life philosophy you subscribe to; it is a state and not a trait (important to note it is not permanent) and should never be confused with other intense emotions such as ecstasy, joy or bliss.

Other psychologists hypothesize it’s as simple as a mathematical equation. Are you content with your life more than 50% of the time? Boom. Wah-Lah. Consider yourself happy.

Others debate about different types and levels of happiness – like that there are three different fundamental tiers of happiness. Some the physiological elements: the secretion of chemicals in our brain that allow us to experience happiness and a bunch of other shit I’m not qualified to even think about – let alone discuss.

At this point you may find yourself asking aloud, “If you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about why am I wasting my time reading this?” And again I have no idea, I’ve been making shit up for years now but thanks for being here. 🥰

But seriously, the real reason we have come here today is to have you visit:

Take a break from work for a second. Exhale. Remember it’s almost Christmas – that’s not too bad, right? If you’re in a call center hang up on that idiot customer. Tell your boss to go stuff themselves. If you’re working from home tell your kids to shut the hell up for a minute and just enjoy a zen like moment of peace.

And then…

Go to and see how ya feel. Stay safe and have a good holiday.

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