Behind The Stream- Vivien_Planet

Behind The Stream with Vivien_Planet

I love doing these interviews and meeting new and interesting people. I try my best to try to make familiar territory interesting by hopefully highlighting the streamer’s personality throughout the interview. Despite this at times, I’ve been told I ask the same questions, it’s a boring format and other have rejected an interview request because they think it’s lame. Which is fine. Fuck em.

But since doing these interviews I have never come across a streamer that puts in as much work into her entire presentation than Vivien does. A completely unorthodox streamer, Vivien combines elements of Hairstyling/Make Up tutorial with roleplaying, just chatting, world building, fashion and modeling creating a universe very much her own. And very much worthy of your attention. I’d like to thank her for taking the time to fill out this interview and share her world with us.

Twitch handle: vivien_planet

Nationality: Thai / I am an Island Girl.

Preferred gaming System: Actually, right now I am not playing any games but
from time to time I play on my PS4. I prefer more of the sporty version of video games like on the Nintendo Wii.

Current games you’re playing?
Right now, I am not playing any game. Vivien Planet and especially the launch of
Season 4 (“Adventures in the Universe”) kept me happily busy for the last weeks.

When did your streaming journey begin?
I started streaming a little more than 1 year ago. During one of the lockdowns,
I decided to create a Twitch account and share my interest in Fashion and Make-up. Beginning with some small home equipment I prepared a room (now known as the “Space Station”) where I could setup my camera and place all my items needed for doing my Make-up and Fashions try-ons. On and on, I upgraded my studio equipment and decorated “The Space Station” according to seasonal
events. Right now, I am streaming with professional studio equipment in a 3-
camera environment.

What or who inspired you to want to start streaming and building Planet Vivien?
The original idea came from my love for plants. Yes these are the green things in the
garden 😊 I was doing some decoration work and was searching for a name to
give this small project a name (Vivien Plants). After extending my idea to live streaming I was searching for a name that not only covers plants [and more] and so the idea of a whole Vivien Planet came up. Vivien Planet should be a place for everyone. A happy place for fun, games, fashion, try-on hauls, and everything that is fun and entertaining. Since I am not streaming only about serious topics, some (or
should I say most) of my streams and ideas are funny and should make my followers and subscribers feel entertained and give them the possibility to forget for a couple of minutes the serious topics in life and enjoy a relaxed and
entertaining show. After setting up the idea of Vivien Planet, social media
accounts like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Discord, YouTube, Telegram
and my Homepage followed, to stay more in contact with my
followers and friends. The slogan “Daily post” was added from the first moment
of Vivien-Planet. So every day there are posts on all my social media accounts as
well as Posts for my Tier 1, 2 and 3 subscribers in the dedicated Discord channels.

You are a make up/beauty/chatting streamer. Is this your element?
Yes 😊I love to talk about Fashion and Make-up. I am a professional hair stylist
and make-up artist. And (as I think every woman) I love dressing up and show
new fashion outfits. Unfortunately, right now I do not have any collaboration with some brands, but this is also not my main focus on Vivien Planet. During my search for stream topics, I found several brands that fitted perfectly in the concept of Vivien Planet.

Where do you feel most comfortable streaming or do you feel like streaming is always a challenge?
The most comfortable I feel when viewers say “Hello” to me in the chat during my
livestreams. It gives me the feeling that I am not sitting alone in front of the
cameras and talking to myself. Comments on my social media and also direct
messages inspire and motivate me to always find news exciting topics for my
upcoming streams. There are always challenges when you plan a new live stream, but challenges are here to be accepted and in this case it’s not a challenge it is a mission 😊

Do you have a schedule?
My stream schedule is on Twitch every Tuesday and Friday 20:00 UTC+7
and on Thursday I was creating another format of live stream called “Vivien
Extra-Time”. Vivien Extra Time is alternately on Instagram Live or TikTok Live
and shows me outside of my streaming room. A relaxed environment with or
without make-up on, just to chat with me and say hello to my followers on my
social media. I wanted to create some livestream time where there is no perfect
camera setup and fully studio light on. A cozy livestream sometimes in the
garden, or just in the living room. In future I also want to go live on various places
on the island (especially at the beach), but for this I need to update my equipment a little bit.

What was your first stream like that had you hooked on streaming?

My first live stream on Twitch was exactly on Halloween 2021. I had the idea to
make a nice Halloween Make-up and decided to stream the process live on
Twitch. It was sooooo much fun and I recognized that the audience liked the style
and the idea. This was also the moment where I created the idea to start after
every live stream a small photo shooting and post the pictures on my social
media and on my Vivien Planet Blog on my Homepage. A small Vivien Planet
diary for every stream (Archive Available Here)

Do you have other streaming partners?
No, right now I do not have any streaming partners.

What is the most outlandish thing that has happened to you while streaming or
while you were watching someone stream?

There are a couple of moments that will always be in my mind. Of course, live
streams have (like big live shows) the potential that something does not go like
planed. In one of my live streams, I tried to setup some “LEGO” airplane but for
some reason the documentation was not that good that I could not complete the
plane. My audience was cheering me up and motivated me to make my own
creation of the LEGO airplane and it turned out that the stream was really funny,
and everyone had a good time even it the LEGO was never finished 😊

Another moment (I would consider this a one of the most beautiful moments in one of my streams) that touched my heart was when a long-term follower jumped in my stream after a long time of not seeing and said that she needed to say hello because me and my streams are really something special to her.

What is your ideal Twitch community and what do you like to see in your Twitch

Everyone is welcome on Vivien Planet and every follow and subscribe on Twitch
and/or on my other social media makes our small planet bigger. My wish to my
community is to interact with me and to bring in new ideas for new adventures on Vivien planet. I am very happy if I get some new stream topic recommendations or getting help to choose the right outfit. So, I think
the answer would be in this case I am happy about every feedback and interaction as long it’s polite and constructive.

What are some things Twitch needs to address?

From my point of view, Twitch is doing a good job. Technically, I could not identify any obstacles that would hinder me in making a great live show. Since Twitch has changed to custom “Hashtags” I personally think it is more difficult for the audience to find the right streamer to their interest. On one side custom
Hashtags give the possibility of freedom but if they are not categorized it soon can end up in a not manageable bunch of Hashtags.

What makes your streams unique?

Every Planet in the Universe is unique, so is Vivien Planet. 😊 I think it is like a TV show. You can have the perfect camera setup, amazing sound, and cinematic light situations, but if the story is not interesting or the viewers cannot follow the story the chance is missed. The uniqueness of Vivien Planet is that viewers can sit down and relax while watching an episode of Vivien Planet and can have the feeling that a well-prepared story is behind every live stream. The Vivien Planet
journey started with Season 1 and is now (as of January 24th 2023) in Season 4. And it
is up to every Vivien Planet citizen to create, update and modify where the next journey is going to. So the uniqueness is a continuous entertaining story around the Vivien Planet concept in every stream, combined with fashion trends and seasonal events, makes the Vivien Planet streaming concept unique.

What would you tell a brand new streamer or wish that someone told you when
you were first starting out?

“Reach out to the stars, think big and never loose focus.” In the time of mobile internet and 4k cameras ready for the consumer marked nearly everyone with a base knowledge of IT can start streaming nowadays. Various platforms offer different ways to address the audience and or to promote the selected content. I think the key to success is to be constant in one topic and to believe in yourself. Accepting suggestions for improvements and having a well-planned concept helps for a self confident entrance. Being nice and polite and treat the audience in the same way you will treat someone that you meet in real life.

What is rewarding about streaming?

Transferring knowledge in my terms of how to do make-up and hairstyling is one part of having a reward that makes me feel happy. One big reward is to see longterm followers freeing up time to join nearly every of my streams and follow my concept on social media. Of course, cheers and donations are welcome. It helps me to update my equipment and invest in new outfits that I can integrate in
my stream program. And in addition, there is one more thing. Since I am not a native English speaker, my Twitch live streams also help me to improve my English skills.

Parting words/ shout outs?
I think it’s now time to say thank you to you Buffaloretro. Thank you for giving
me the opportunity to make this interview and represent my small Planet. I am very proud of being part of your “Behind the Stream” project and of course I will relink the interview on my Homepage and social media accounts.

About Vivien Planet

Vivien Planet , and the story of Vivien Planet is now in Season 4 (“Adventures in
the Universe”).

Season 1 of Vivien Planet was the introduction of Vivien Planet and the beginning of
streaming on Twitch.

Season 2 of Vivien Planet was in the Focus of “Supernova”. Vivien Planet went
“Supernova” and out of the huge amount of energy collected from Season 1.
Vivien Planet gave birth to 4 other planets. The Planets are CYGNI, CANIS, MAJORIS, CEPHEI and SCUTI. (These are also the names of my Discord channels for the Tier 1,2,3 and VIP subscribers.) The Trailer video is not public available on YouTube but could be viewed during Season 2 on my Homepage.

Season 3 of Vivien Planet brought us back to Vivien Planet after the Supernova happened. (Yes the Planet survived 😊) As Stewardess and Tour guide I took the airplane and landed back on Vivien Planet. Every time when I was live on Twitch we visited a different location on the Vivien Planet map. The Trailer video is not public available on YouTube but
could be viewed during Season 3 on my Homepage.

Season 4 of Vivien Planet brings in the Vivien Universe. Upgrading my Airplane (that I used in Season 3 to fly from on location to another location on Vivien Planet) to a UFO we will explore the Universe around the Vivien Galaxy.

The Trailer Video is public available on YouTube:

A lot of topics, great places and stories around make-up, fashion, and everything that is entertaining is coming in Season 4 and beyond. At the time of the interview the planning for Season 5 is already in place but still a well-hidden
secret somewhere on Vivien Planet. So, stay tuned and enjoy the Adventures of

Yours, Vivien.

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