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Resident Evil: Survivor

A short and forgotten addition to the series.

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Resident Evil Survivor starts in pretty dramatic fashion even for a Resident Evil game. A helicopter flies over a burning city with a man all in white hanging on screaming, “You’re not going to get away that easy”. The chopper clips the corner of a building and begins spiraling into a dazzling cyclone of fire. It crashes onto the city’s streets bursting into flames. Shortly after it’s lone occupant crawls out from under the burning debris. Enter our protagonist or should I say…. antagonist???

While not on rails the game plays like a first person arcade
Little Easter Egg here

The game takes about two hours to complete. The story follows your character, Vincent around who is suffering from amnesia. Through diaries and logs he discovers the truth about his own horrible actions.

In short, Vincent is a piece of shit. Some Umbrella goon that runs a city (not Raccoon City) like a tyrant, kidnaps children from all over the world, kills them and experiments on them and then eventually when the town tries to blow him in to his bosses he just releases the T-Virus on them. It’s a bad look for sure.

Eventually wandering around the city he runs into a couple of little kids which run away and you have to chase all over, since early 2000’s horror games were obsessed with this trope. Eventually you catch up to them and they break some startling news to you.

The classic inventory is very much intact yet they somehow made it even less user friendly than previous installations

The game was made for the Light Gun peripheral and most light gun games it’s incredibly lean on story and a big shoot out fest. A good indication of this is when you realize you have unlimited pistol bullets right from the get go.

The controls are heavy, sluggish and downright now responsive. Although you’ll enter a room that would have a doorway in the corner of the next room you’ll find yourself spawned in the center and surrounded by zombies on all sides regularly. It takes some getting used to despite the fact there is little to no difficulty in the game whatsoever. I also played it on easy – because I’m old.

Sometimes ya just gotta choke kids to get an answer out of em

It’s hard to go much further into detail because there really wasn’t many details to be included. It’s a short game with a very light, story of little to no importance or value to the canon of the series but it’s also a couple hours of fun. I think it’s going for +$70 on eBay these days and I would absolutely not recommend buying it for that price. But I’m not your boss.

Overall: 70%

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