Cabela’s Survival: Shadow of Katmai

A Cabela’s hunting game that goes for extra drama with a survival story.

Logan James is a private pilot in Alaska when he is approached by Dr. West. She offers him ten thousand dollars to fly her across central Alaska. As they fly central Alaska gets pounded with a storm.

The two of you are argue in the cockpit as the FAA advises all planes be downed immediately until the storm passes. Logan wants to land and let the storm pass but the doctor is persistent, guilting James for charging her $10,000 for the flight and demanding he see it through. He agrees to continue flying and the plane is struck by lightning shortly after.

The interactive plane crash
Logan James

After the Plane inevitably crashes you wake up at the scene of the crash with the Doctor no where to be found. As you regain your bearings, you see hungry wolves begin to prowl around you. Throughout the game you are hunted by the harsh environment’s wildlife.

Using a flare gun to fend the wolves off, you are off to try to find your combative employer while on the way you run into a sick old native man. He is pretty much every bullshit stereotype of Native Americans throughout the entire game. Superstitious, speaks with spirits and nature, and is a very unenthusiastic helper, guide. Probably because the main character continually refers to him as an “Indian”. But alas, I digress.

Native recluse who lives in the mountains and saves you despite already starving

You, eventually find the Doctor and bring her to the cabin of Jonah, the old man, and it comes to your attention that everyone (including the Mushing dogs) are out of food and starving. Which explains why the wildlife is so aggressive as well. The old man sends you out with a rifle and tasks you with hunting a Moose.

Dr. West (who is super damn annoying)

This game is a far cry from your typical Cabela’s brand hunting simulator. The gameplay falls closer to Uncharted than a hunting simulator. Most of the gameplay focuses on 3D platforming, mountain climbing, rappelling and jumping insane distances over crevasses and other obstacles. All the while asshole birds peck at your hands and head.

Togo,the lead mushing dog you basically adopt
Dogsledding is surprisingly one of the most fun activities

This game was destroyed by most critics for its lame story and short length (you can beat this game within about three hours). But I will take the bold stance and say I love this game. I don’t know why – but it’s just a fun stupid game. The story isn’t going to blow you away but it’s enough to keep you invested and want to see it through.

The game plays pretty smoothly, the aiming takes some time getting used to but the option of a “focus mode” (slow motion and highlights the animal’s weak points) it makes it much easier to get accustomed to. My largest gripe with the game is that I do wish it was a little bit larger. Taking place out in the mountains of Alaska I would have loved to spend more time exploring but the areas, although they look gigantic and actually pretty small and confined by invisible walls.

You can pick this up for around $6-8 online or if you do see out in the wild – if you like a short, run n’ gun adventure I definitely suggest this title.

Overall: 85% (SILVER)

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