5 Ridiculous Professional Wrestling Gimmicks (PT. 2)

So this won’t surprise long time readers by any stretch of the imagination but guess what? I am super into another completely retro and nerdy hobby on top of all of my others. 

Yes, as you may have guessed by the logo, I have launched myself full force into the world of Professional Wrestling. Right now, specifically the“New Generation” as it’s referred to by Wrestling connoisseurs. The “New Generation” of wrestling talent was marked by some comical, cartoony and over -the-top gimmicks before the Promotion found its footing (and dominant T.V. ratings) later in the 90’s with the “Attitude Era”. 

So as I’ve been watching I’ve been taking note of some particularly entertaining or just plain bizarre gimmicks from different eras and figure I would share some here. So put on your leggings, adjust your spandex and raise your title belts over your head for some downright hilarious gimmicks the WWE experimented with in the mid 90’s.

1.) The Shark (WCW)

Another member of WCW’s unfortunate Dungeon of Doom, The Shark was an absolute waste of a gigantic athlete, John Tetna, who had already had experience as a major heel in championship situations. Coming from the WWF where he feuded with the likes of Hulk Hogan (under original moniker Earthquake) he found himself cast as a cog in a poorly written stable headed by The Taskmaster, Kevin Sullivan.


Threats of chomping up kids and his enormous build were never enough to keep swimmers out of the water however and the promotion and Tetna himself moved on from the gimmick. Big John would go on to denounce his gimmick stating, “I’m not the Shark. I’m not a fish. I’m not an Avalanche. I’m a man”.

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2.) Gillberg


Despite being the longest reigning Light Heavyweight Champion in WWE history (fifteen months) Gillberg was truly one of the lowest-hanging-fruit gimmicks of the WWE’s, “Attitude Era”.

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Created to mock then rival WCW’s undefeated superstar Goldberg, GILLberg was on his own streak in the lower ranks of the WWF. He was on an incredible losing streak but with help from his crew, J.O.B. Squad incidentally became Light Heavyweight Champion (a title the WWE did not care for or showcase rarely ever at the time). At the time reportedly, the real Goldberg was not amused and even threatened to kick Gillberg’s ass for real but years later when they would meet for a second time the legend was much more understanding and admitted he enjoyed the skit.

3.) Waylon Mercy

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Based on Robert Deniro’s menacing Cape Fear character Max Cady, Mercy was introduced to the WWF in 1995 by a series of bizarre vignettes. Usually showing him looking over the tranquil water speaking in a reserved, gentle, southern twinged voice. Making odd comparisons about worms on his arm and men crawling on his body and a whole lot of other delirious shit talk.

Mercy was pushed hard upon his ring debut blowing through lowers cards to established stars relatively quickly but injuries would force him into retirement before the end of 95’ leaving the creepy Waylon Mercy character not fully realized and just another entry on the weird-ass-gimmick list.

4.) Norman Smiley (WCW)

One of my personal favorite jobbers from the tail end of World Championship Wrestling’s lifespan, “Screamin’ Norman Smiley” was notorious for a few comic angles on the program but make no mistake – all of them were awful.

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He was most known for his “Big Wiggle” dance routine but by the time he entered the hardcore ranks on WCW (which was a messy bunch of talent enhancers and other outliers the promotion didn’t know what to do with) his character was completely off the rails. Picking up the “Screamin’” nickname from his characters high pitched screams in the ring and his tendency to wear Football and Hockey equipment because of his fear of weapons. He is now a trainer for the WWE’s NXT.

5.) The Shockmaster

Yeah, that’s a Stormtrooper helmet covered in glitter. Also honestly I’m not even sure anything else needs to be added after this debut video…

Enjoy this list of funny gimmicks? What were some of your favorite wrestlers from back in the day? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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