Call of Duty: World at War

The series returns to it’s WWII roots with the modern console feel to great success.

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To this point I have not seen a Call of Duty game or any war franchise so accurately describe the brutality of the Eastern Theater in the Japanese islands. The hand to hand combat and desperation in the swamps, the booby trapped dead, the frustration of American forces who exhausted by being Banzai rushed, ambushed by troops in tall grass and fatigued from miles of tunnel systems Tojo’s army carefully crafted resorted to cave-ins and flamethrowers.

The story telling feels modern and crisp. More History channel than dramatic
During an ambush in the dark – the only light is a flare shot off

Meanwhile on the Russian resistance front, no Call of Duty game has written the Soviet’s desire for revenge quite as well as World at War. Captain Viktor Reznov is first introduced in WaW for the Soviet army and is your leader throughout the Russian campaign. You play as Private Dimitri Petrenko beginning as two of the very few survivors at the Battle of Stalingrad. Reznov motivates throughout the game with fiery poetic rhetoric of blood and soil. Reznov runs a campaign of no mercy and seems to grow more unhinged the closer his forces near Berlin.

World at War had one flying mission and one tank mission and they were surprisingly pretty good.

Meanwhile you play as PVT. Henry Miller, a US Marine under the command of SGT. Roebuck while island hopping in South East Asia. The Japanese are cunning, hiding, flanking and luring your squadron into traps often. After being pinned down by enemy fire for 15-20 minutes at a time it can be terrifying to hear the enemy’s battle cry, “Bonzai!”.

Which speaking of battle cries, the sound is perfect in World at War. If possible, play this game with headphones on. The surround sound is dizzying. The screams of men while they charge towards their enemies is goose bump inducing, every rifle and machine gun has a different report, even commands barked out from both sides in close quarters. Unfortunately, one of the only gripes I have with the game is also a sound issue. For most of the American mission the devs decided to have macho metal music playing in the background which is a bizarre call to me. It doesn’t fit and honestly gets pretty redundant and obnoxious. I don’t expect to hear Slayer next time I watch a WWII documentary.

The engine performs well, running, cover and firing weapons is satisfying. The graphics up the gruesome side of warfare as well as for the first time ever limbs can be blown off. The A.I. is intelligent and aggressive and while the campaign story fell short of Modern Warfare , WAW is still the best World War II story Activision has to offer.


Overall: 92% (GOLD)

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