Behind The Stream: Moody_Mollusk

Behind the Stream with Moody_Mollusk

Community, support and …tentacles. Moody has a little bit of something for everyone. Take a peek at this great interview with a really sweet, positive gamer building a positive community where everyone is welcomed.

Twitch handle: moody_mollusk

Nationality: US

Preferred System: PC (but nintendo always has a special place in my heart)

Current games streaming? I’m a variety streamer so it changes often but right now we’re playing FFXVI, Only Up!, and Portal! I like all kinds of games though, and in the past we’ve played Hollow Knight, Resident Evil, Phasmophobia, etc. I’m a big “anything can happen” person.

When did your streaming journey begin? I’ve streamed off and on for years, but only recently did I decide to give it an ACTUAL go. February of 2023.

What or who inspired you to want to start streaming games and building a community?

To be honest I’ve wanted to stream since I was a teenager. That long term want paired with support from my friends and my lovely boyfriend kind of skyrocketed me into this thing. It was almost an “Ah-Ha” moment. Like…I already played tons of video games, I already mumbled to myself while I was playing them, why not go live on twitch and see what happens? Then of course I hyperfocused on it and decided if I was going to do this, I’d do it right and learned how to do overlays in OBS and just went a lil crazy. Which really…is my standard operating procedure.

Do you have a type of genre of game you prefer to stream?

Being a variety streamer I don’t have a favorite genre to stream, it’s more favorite types of games lol. I love platforming games and RPGs so any time I’m playing one of those I know chat and I are going to have a blast.

Do you have a schedule?

I’m in the process of ironing out an official schedule that works with my IRL work life too, so far Monday – Wednesday – Saturday at 7pm eastern has been the best fit!

What was the first game you streamed? Resident Evil Remake!

Do you have other streaming partners?

Not really? This question is a little hard because while I do belong to multiple communities that support each other and help grow none of them are official “stream teams” and I don’t advertise the communities on my twitch. So technically I am a solo girlie.

What is the most outlandish thing that has happened to you while streaming or while you were watching someone stream?

Nothing particularly crazy has happened to me, but I was watching another streamer and chat just started POURING out love to him. It was incredible to watch, bits, subs, words of encouragement. It was a completely natural outpouring of love and support from chat and I was so honored to be able to witness/be a part of it.

What is your ideal Twitch community?

Honestly the one I’ve cultivated so far! Just more! I already have such a wonderful viewer base. We’re supportive of each other, joke around, roast each other, and just in general have a good time. That’s what I want. Friendly, fun, supportive community.

What do you like to see in your Twitch community?

I LOVE seeing support among my viewers. If someone’s having a rough time and they need support they can just pop into discord and SO many of my community will just come out of the woodwork to support, love, and cherish them. It makes my heart happy to see it.

What are some things Twitch needs to address?

A lot of what twitch needs to address they already are. I’m liking the new content tags they recently implemented, I do think they could take it a step further and make it so that any streams with mature content tags are automatically hidden from anyone under 18 by default. I’d also like to see more small content creator support, right now it feels kinda like….welp congrats on affiliate, we’ll see you again never. However there is a reason why twitch has lasted so long, and it’s because by far the easiest most user friendly streaming platform for both creators and viewers.

What makes your streams unique?

Tentacles! Just kidding (although that is my overall theme LMAO). Is it too cocky to say me? I do my best to make sure everyone feels welcomed and chat loves to roast me. I’m a very chat focused streamer, so interacting with chat is my favorite thing to do, even if they are usually insulting me (lovingly). I also do themed stream nights, like Wine Wednesday, where chat can redeem a special channel point redemption to make me take a sip of my alcohol of choice!

What would you tell a brand new streamer or wish that someone told you when you were first starting out?

It’s gonna be hard and the burnout is real. Take care of yourself first. People come to your channel to watch you, not necessarily the game, and if you’re burnt out or low energy they’re not going to want to stay. You end up hurting yourself if you try to force streams.

What is rewarding about streaming?

The community. I’m naturally a very introverted shy person, but with streaming I’ve found I’ve really come out of my shell and have flourished in ways I didn’t know I needed.

Parting words/ shout outs?

Thank you for letting me participate in such a cool idea! I love this interview behind the scenes kind of style and you’re doing a great job with it! Shout out to on instagram for bringing me into his community that’s been an incredible supportive group of people.

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